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API Integration – The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is still a hot topic trending across the globe. With the growing number of digital devices and other technological advancements, organizations are forced to transform digitally and embrace digitalization in order to serve the tech savvy customers. But the biggest challenge that businesses face is to retain the existing customers and attract new ones because of the direct impact of digital initiatives on customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Digital Transformation – Where to Begin?

According to an Altimeter analysis, digital acceleration is possible only when there is a change in,

  • Organization’s innovational aspirations,
  • IT infrastructure through modernization and
  • Improving operational agility.

Top Five Digital Challenges for Enterprises

Digital transformation does not stop with just building mobile apps. Enterprises should be willing to experiment beyond mobile apps. Some of the top challenges that enterprises face and because of which they cannot achieve a digital transformation are,

  1. Resistance to change
  2. Lack of digital strategy
  3. Inadequate data and operational services
  4. Legacy technology stack
  5. Inefficient business model

Role of API and Integration for Digital Services

API and integration play a major role in connecting the technology and infrastructure for delivering a seamless digital solution. Without APIs and integration, it is difficult for the legacy assets to communicate with the digital devices. While APIs provide the necessary accessibility to consumers which could be a smart device, a mobile app or even a third party solution, data integration services act as a middleware between the APIs and the legacy assets for enabling data extraction. Hence, data integration and APIs are crucial for the changing dynamics of the business assets and increasing the efficiency of the digital devices.

Dell Boomi for Digital Enablement

Dell Boomi uses iPaaS platform which is cloud based. With iPaaS, you can connect and integrate all business activities and bring them together as a single entity. This could be your other cloud applications, customer divisions, different business divisions, your business partners and all other on premise systems that help in the functioning of your business.

Dell Boomi’s single platform system helps you manage data across the enterprise by simplifying complex environments and achieving business agility through a modern integration approach which will address the challenges of digital transformation. This is because Boomi takes advantage of the cloud’s growing importance in driving innovation and efficiency in monitoring and holding key data like your customer records, supplier accounts and product details.

Dell Boomi’s Design Significance

The key element of the Boomi platform is the ‘Boomi Atom’ which is a lightweight engine that can be easily deployed anywhere say behind your firewall and get access to data or provide access to data through an API.

Business agility is achieved through smarter and better tooling and Boomi is built with an easy to use platform that supports core integration through configuration and not coding. It enables multiple integration capabilities through a common UI which helps you save time and effort. Boomi’s single instance and multi-tenant architecture also ensures that customers are automatically updated about the latest updates and releases with new features along with the broadest range of integration capabilities and deploying them at ease.

Establishing a Digital Strategy – AURAS

In order to achieve the ultimate goal of digitalization, it’s important to establish a digital strategy that will seamlessly collaborate with the APIs and integration services. Aspire’s ready to use platform – AURAS which is a unified architecture is built to address different needs like legacy modernization, API integration, cloud initiatives, and more. The corporate system is connected through an AURAS platform, which in turn enable the APIs to integrate with all your connected digital devices.

AURAS is a one-time digital platform solution that is highly scalable for the future. It consists of three components.

  1. Omni Channel Integration Services – to help you interact with your legacy systems
  2. Store Service Bus – to enable POS system to import/export data
  3. Omni Channel Analytics Services – to deliver predictive analytical reports of various transactions that can be captured and predicted.

Dell Boomi and AURAS Cloud

For addressing the modern enterprise needs, our complete solution package consists of AURAS cloud built on Dell Boomi in order to leverage Dell Boomi’s extensive cloud features. Such a pre-built solution enables our customers to easily accelerate their digital initiatives because they are spared from building their digital model from the scratch.

Watch our webinar to know more about how our digital platform solutions enable enterprises to transform digitally along with other features that add value to the future.

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