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The Omni-Channel Integration and Digitization Simplified!

AURAS-Omni is the next generation solution platform to resolve challenges in multi-channel and omni-channel implementation. The comprehensive technology solution based on AURAS-Gen foundation helps to streamline customer experience across sales channels. It also enables corporate and store integration, franchise collaboration, standards enforcements, real-time performance monitoring and demand predictions. In addition to solving legacy integration challenges, AURAS-Omni also enables accommodation of Mobility, Kiosk, mPOS, IoT, Smart-Store and ecommerce specific advancements.

AURAS Omni-channel Integration Framework

In order to support various sales channel integrations (from mom and pop stores to big-box retailers, restaurants, insurance and other franchise models), AURAS-Omni Platform follows NRF (National Retail Federation) ARTS (The Association for Retail Technology Standards) Data Model and Schema as the core messaging models. So, any master and operational data or message exchange between corporate systems and sales stores, franchise systems are compliant with industry standards.

The core of AURAS-Omni Platform is a combination of the following servers:

  • Omni Channel Integration Services (OCIS) – The core engine for data transfer between corporate and sales channels.
  • Store Service Bus (SSB) –  Store specific integration agent works closely with any third-party store server.
  • Omni Channel Analytics Server (OCAS) – All transactions are captured and analyzed at realtime to make operational predictions and performance.

Omni Channel Integration Services (OCIS)

Rather than maneuvering through the complexities of omni-channel integration, you can just plug into the OCIS engine within your HQ and store infrastructure for tighter collaboration. Every transaction can be handled as real-time or near real-time mode by default.

Store Service Bus

Whether you want to leverage your existing legacy POS or simple iPad POS or modern Cloud POS, you can easily link it with your corporate systems and processes. The seamless integration between HQ and Store becomes a reality with our bus or agent component to solve your digital demands. The Bus or Agent at store level will help retailers with real-time operations.

Omni Channel Analytics Server (OCAS)

With the help of Omni-Channel Integration Services, you can capture all transactions as real-time streaming and gain actionable insights from real-time monitoring, demand prediction and sales tracking with just a few configuration steps. Omni-Channel Data Analytics is embedded into AURAS Services for limitless possibilities!

See how you can improve your customer experience by using Omni-channel Integration.

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