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The Generic Development Framework with Extensive Flexibility

AURAS-Gen is a modular development framework built as per industry proven design patterns and documented best practices. It provides a reference architecture that helps to reduce the complexities of Service Orientation Architecture and API management to  speed up development and delivery.

AURAS helps you navigate development complexity, ease deployment and maximize business value.

At Aspire, we realized that considerable efforts of an enterprise go into integrating and managing data exchange between disparate systems. One of the main constraints that typically impedes rapid development is the need to rebuild non-functional components like notification, security, connectivity, rules, exception handling each time.

AURAS Development Framework

With its reusable components and services that are highly configurable, AURAS is suitable for rapidly creating and deploying applications and is flexible enough to handle varied customer requirements. It speeds up your implementation time and reduces development efforts by up to 40%-50% – a reduction that can mean considerable cost savings and improved ROI to customers.

The fully functioning architecture includes:

  • Predefined integration exceptions configured as Data-Driven Architecture model. Intelligence built for each integration scenario to handle any situation.
  • Predefined event capturing mechanism built to handle both successful and exception scenarios, so high severity can be matched with notification.
  • Predefined services built on top of Enterprise Service Bus to handle standard requirements such as Queue publishing and consumption.
  • Well defined event canonical message model used as part of the data exchange between pre-built services and components to accommodate to any given situation.
  • Everything configured in both database and properties file to give high flexibility to customize during implementation and sustenance period.

All above capabilities are available as part of the solution without any additional efforts. This will save upto 50% of development efforts which will directly save 50% of your investment and boost the ROI.

Based on this framework, organizations can readily customize components to accomplish their core business requirements, with significantly less cost and risk.

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