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Business and Business Data Integration is Simplified!

AURAS-B2B is the comprehensive integration services built to simplify the business and business integration using advanced iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). AURAS-B2B designed to integrate Business to Business related data, process and services using industry standards such as EDI, EDIFACT, HIPAA/HL7, ACORD AL3/XML, and APIs. AURAS-B2B solution built based on the combination of Service Oriented Architecture and Messaging Standards to exchange standards of data across enterprises.

AURAS B2B for Enterprise

Business Cases that AURAS-B2B can address for you faster than ever before:

  • Supplier Integration – Automatic distribution of PO, Shipment Notification, Change Order, Order status Inquiry, Warehouse shipping Notice, Ship Advice and many more.
  • Financial Integration – Invoice, Credit Adj, Payment Order, Payment Cancel, Credit Report and many more.
  • Transportation – Shipping Instructions, Shipping Notice, Shipment Status Query, Delivery / Pickup Order, Freight Receipt and Invoice, Vehicle Tracking and many more.
  • Master Data Sharing – Customer, Suppliers, Materials, Units, Plants, Locations and many metadata information exchanged through APIs and File sharing as industry standards.

Key Features of the AURAS-B2B that you won’t find in anywhere:

Cloud Platform

Centralized Cloud based platform that helps to achieve the any business integration requirements without major infrastructure investment.


SOA based architecture approach helps to enable API or Messaging Standard based interfaces to handle third-party integration over network.

Partner Portal

Centralized partner portal to configure and manage all partner integration and related transactions.

Prebuilt Service

AURAS-B2B solution built on top of the AURAS-Gen framework therefore AURAS-B2B come with out-of-box services to handle all auditing, exception and notification engine.

Build and Monitor

No specialized resource or team required. AURAS-B2B hosted as iPaaS solution so all development and monitoring take care for enterprises by AURAS production team itself.

Faster Time-to-Market

Since AURAS-B2B is an prebuilt solution to handle variety of data integration between enterprise applications and partners, the business realization and market readiness will be faster than ever before.

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