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AURAS Advantages

Why AURAS is the great advantage for your business integration?

Unified Architecture

AURAS (Aspire Unified Reference Architecture Solution) is a truly unified architecture approach that combines the best of breed technologies from SOA, ESB, MoM, API, BAM, CEP, Predictive Analytics, Cloud and the futuristic IoT (Internet of Things). It offers a single architecture platform to help you address all complexities and meet your business integration needs.

Pre-Built Framework

AURAS comes with pre-built components and services for Corporate Application Integration, Omni-Channel Integration (Stores, eCommerce and Marketplace) and Store specific service bus for POS, Smart-Shelf and Mobile Devices Integration.

Reusable Services

The platform is built on top of industry proven Aspire SOA Reference Architecture. A layer based SOA approach enhances service re-usability, thereby ensuring reduced TCO and greater ROI realization at an early stage.

Data Driven Architecture

Its data driven architecture supports greater customization and enhancement. The entire platform is built on top of metadata repository where data persistence is managed with all functional and technical artifacts. Any configuration changes or addition can be achieved with just an update in a specific record without shutting down the environment.

NRF Schema and Data Models

With its data exchange and messaging models built based on NRF (National Retail Federation) ARTS XML Schema and Data models, AURAS can support all retail business operations ( apparels, grocery or restaurants). Any ARTS supported application system (ex: Oracle Retail) can be integrated through plug-and-play approach.

Cloud and On-Premises

It is available both on-premises and in the cloud. It uses a single code base for both cloud and on-premises environments.

IoT Readiness

AURAS is capable of addressing emerging IoT (Internet of Things) challenges. Whether it is tracking devices at Store (Beacons, RFID, Smart Shelf, Mobile Customer Experience Improvement, Digital Carts etc) or Corporate level Supply Chain Tracking, Inventory moments etc., AURAS can be easily integrated with any of these devices through API interfaces.

Pre-built Connectors

AURAS has pre-built connectors for retail and restaurants POS devices, ebay, Amazon, modern ERP, cloud connectors, social media connectors and many more protocol connectors which help achieve plug-and-play model of integration.

Rapid Implementation

With its pre-defined documentation templates, iterative methodology, service registry and techno-functional expertise, AURAS helps to reduce implementation efforts and costs by up to 50%.

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