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Aspire Unified Reference Architecture

– Blue Print of The Future

AURAS is a comprehensive reference architecture to address various technology needs. This blue print consists of various architectures and best practices to help companies meet many of the integration challenges they face in an increasingly complex IT and business environment, both currently and in the future. AURAS encompasses various architecture patterns from SOA, ESB, BPM, CEP, Predictive Analytics, Private PaaS, User Experience, Security, Cloud Gateway and IoT..

The framework is designed as a multi-layer architecture pattern with higher importance given to service reusability, messaging model, canonical XML standards and loosely coupled structure. In addition to the technology standards, AURAS also comes with governance processes to manage the service ownership, administration and life-cycle management.

AURAS Reference Architecture

Fundamentally, AURAS as a Reference Architecture comprises of several layers. The layers can be consolidated to meet a specific business requirement. However, AURAS does not enforce the use of all available layers. Instead, it   provides guidelines on defining layer based architecture for simple application-to-application integration as well.

AURAS-Gen, AURAS-Omni and AURAS-B2B provide a strong, flexible and scalable foundation upon which organizations can rapidly build applications for unified data exchange suitable for their specific industry and business requirements.

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